Music Fridays - Dante's Creek by THEY

THEY - Dante's Creek

Starting a new tradition in our Rich Roots offices, our first song had to be something that captured the real special essence of Los Angeles. 

“Dante’s Creek” was the perfect choice that depicted both the subtle feel of melancholia and the ornate life-force in the streets of LA , which happens to be overshadowed by the idea of the “Green Juice and Yoga” lifestyle (which exists but it’s not that severe).

Using a sample of “I Don’t Want to Wait” by Paula Cole (opening theme song of Dawson’s Creek), Dante’s Creek was one of the lesser known tracks from the Timbaland approved album, Nü Religion: Hyena. As a new duo, THEY. has been able to bring a very diverse form of music that blends a mix of grunge and hip-hop, and we hope to hear more from them soon.

- Lilit